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Truth / Reality..

Its a sensitive item for many.


some of You might think:


What I'm convinced of, is the "truth" to me.

Others might think:

Everyone has his own "truth" and people often combat true facts with this argument.


  Some do mean the word "Opinion" or the word "Perception"

when they say everybody has his or her own "Truth".

Many of them are honest, but others even claim: "There is no truth" or "Everything is the truth".

But how can one determine what truth is, based solely on one's own perception?


The truth is, according to some, large and complex.

The truth can not be found by many.

But is that true?  

Let's keep it simple:

Truth, we do NOT mean with that word:


The changing opinions, perceptions or even assumptions of ourselves and others:  

Truth is:

That which is ( real ) and is always there.  

Sometimes even without our observation:


The Earth is a kind of a sphere.

This has always been true:

Even when one thought to see "the Earth is flat".


All the animals on Earth come from the same ancestor.

Whether you like it or not:


This is NOW true and was EARLIER true, and will ALWAYS be true.

Regardless of your views.

Let's stop with the game of:

Reject everything or believe everything.  

And let's start LOOKING!  


We do not have to make it harder than it is:


Just look at what's there.

Then, after a fair investigation, you will be able to determine your assumptions about that subject.


and correct them in the Light of Truth, Knowledge that is, combined with Love.

Based on the scientific and proven fact that:

Truth = Reality.

That's what is eternally and currently.  

Then you are closer to yourself and the core of that subject than when you think your beliefs are always correct.  


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