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Do You recognise this problem?

You might be very educated:



When you engage in debate with people in your environment, you will notice sometimes :


1) You bump your head against the wall.


2) It does not matter what you say: The other does not seem to understand.


3)  You don't see why.


This problem is one I have struggled with a long time.
But: Surprise Surprise:
The problem was ME.


There is nothing wrong with other people.


A discussion is like Chess:

If people don't know or respect the rules, it is not useful to play.


There are 3 basic rules to play chess.


Or as referred here above in Chess Metaphors...:

Rules to discuss, debate or argue.


1) Being willing to play

2) Being able to play

3) Being honest and obeying the rules


Unfortunately BIG GROUPS of people break one or more of these 3 basic rules.


Therefore I had to wake up and ask myself the critical question:


I am sorry for being so hard but it frustrated me a long time.

I have to be honest:

I was the problem!

not them.


 To get this concept even more clear:
This podcast of the Argument Ninja was helpful to me:


Maybe it can teach U to get past the same trap.

 And it is a Podcast, Free on Youtube.com

Found under the search term:

Argument Ninja



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