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Why it is important to say NO!






 Saying NO! is often not seen for the beauty it is.
It is frequently thought that Saying NO! should not be.

It is considered a bad vibe, and therefore it is sometimes seen as wrong.
I have experienced many things and I know now that if I more frequently would have said NO!

(where I did not) 

It feels like all of my problems would have been less severe.
The reason for the worsening of my problems was previously for me was NOT to dare saying NO!.
I am NOT saying that it was the CAUSE of my problems, but If I had said NO against the right things,

Life could be a lot easier.
NO!  is even seen as the Lost Word of Freemasonry.
The reason is because saying NO! takes a clarity that the majority of people does not have .
NO! indicates the ultimate limit.
It is standing up for yourself and showing to the man that you do not want any nonsense.
It goes deeper than saying NO! to someone begging on the streets, while he has money.
It goes deeper than NO! to a rotten comment.
This is about saying NO! to:

Verbal Abuse,



Unsafe Situations at Work,

Sexual Abuse,


Abuse of power,






and wrong based sexual relationships


It's even about a big NO! to:


Tyranny of Governments,

The manipulation of some Churches, Mosques and Synagogues,

The crime of adult human beings.


It's also about saying NO! to negative or criminal behavior committed by:

your parents,

family members

and even your own partner.


And most of all: To Yourself.

If You conduct these behaviors ( In Blue ) Then Your Behavior is  good enough for now and you might consider to change it to Better because it gives  freedom..?

Because You do harm to your fellow humans, which is directly leading you to suffering within yourself and with  them.


NO! is the most powerful word that is made in Divine Spirituality.


KNOW! what is happening is the second Most Powerful Word.
If you have difficulty saying NO!

Dare to ask for help.

HELP! is the third most powerful word.


 Be ware; if you encounter a stronger enemy than you, ask for help with a friend.

You cannot win that one alone...

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