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Example of a spiritual SCREW UP....


Conspiracies can be true...

But i think most of the time they arent.


Here is a list of proper spiritual/scientific tricks to sift out the bullshit.


1) Conspiracy theories most of the time have a BIG danger of leaking to the Internet.

When more than 2 people are involved, it cannot be kept secret.

Someone starts blabbing eventually.


2) Conspiracy theories:

Some of them have a WAAAAAY bigger risk than reward.


For instance:

The Justice Department of most nations is out to get criminal behaviour treated or punished.

Therefore, Considering the first and second item on this list, it would be outright dumb to start such a conspiracy theory.


3) The End is not near yet.

You are dead when You are able to notice...

So don't worry.


4) Try looking up "enter your conspiracy"-debunked.


At least you have now:

The story of both conspiracy-believers as non believers.

NOW you can discern properly.

Maintain a double agenda when it affects you and you don't know who is right.

( Prepare for both stories ).


5) conspiracy theorists are afraid, which prevents them to discern properly.

This  brain-problem is called Confirmation Bias.


This is NOT prejudice.


Its a software Glitch in the Human brain.

It means: all people look at evidence CONFIRMING their beliefs.

Not at the evidence that CONTRADICTS it.

The problem with this is you can fall into many traps.

One of them is getting confused, scared and jacked up by modern fairy tales.



You are safe.

Aslong as you love your neighbours as yourself,

and also being honest to yourself...