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Recognising BULLSHIT!





There is a lot of nonsense in the world.
And it is contrary to all that what has been discovered.

It is also at odds with your personal limitations, your goals and your rights.
So you often will be cheated by ahem-psychics, bogus doctors, Phoney-Baloney medicine, etc.
You may be bothered by hackers, Internet-Bullies and others.
But what can You do about these things?
That is what this page is about.


On Bullshit.

There are a few rules when it comes to socalled psychics:

Rule 1:

Always suspect deceit and look behind the scenes.


It need not be so, but 99% of the psychic world is deception.
Check on Youtube for "Fake Psychics ".
"Paranormal" people often use tricks that come from the land of the living.
Think of a spirit doctor like Derek Ogilvie who tells U the story that suits you.

This is  done by a guy who interrogates You.

Then they let this guy say everything to a hidden director who tells a ghost whisperer like Derek Ogilvie.
Or a using of language that You always recognize.
Or a fortune teller that has U googled.
Consider also spoon benders, working with liquids and solidified substances on broken spoons.

This to hold pieces together so it seems that these people they bend with the use of magic.

Rule 2:
NEVER pay for conversations with the dead.
The dead are unfortunately dead, and can not talk to you.

People do a better Spiritual job to reconcile themselves with the death of the friend or family member.


Rule 3:
Do you want to get cured?

This is what a Doctor is for AND NO ONE ELSE.


Do not go to alternative  fake-doctors, palm readers, homeopaths or shamans to ask for healing.
You will have to go to the experts and do not go into business with anything that has not been proven.

Also avoid all (!)  that which makes ordinary doctors seem like an idiot.


"If You do accept those tricks of satan yes of the deceiver, o: You will be conned".

Khalil gibran: the prophet

Further, it may be that the alternative or homeopathic medication really helps, but that you have paid a way too expensive price.

Rule 4:

Not only Psychic deceit, but also other forms of oppression.
Protect yourself against agression and deceit.

This means that you can protect yourself in real life through PROPER self Defense.

And secure the Internet.

And when you deal with suspicious situations.

Do this by securing your Facebook, whats-app etc ..:


Protect it with a strong password.
Protect Yourself by setting Your Privacy in the privacy menu of Facebook (Padlock) to "Me alone".
And do so by blocking your enemies AND blocking their friends directly. (Block List)
Mobiles and Tablets you can protect with the app: Call Recording.
This is found in the Google Play App store.
Through this app every conversation recorded between You and any enemies and becomes painfully clear how these people want to cheat, threaten or use violence against You .
Hackers: block them by seeing all the tricks on YouTube and use these tricks against the hacker.
But only when you are hacked, so you NEVER break in the computer, mobile or tablet of a Hacker.
Otherwise, you commit a crime and such people have secured everything.
Doing so is a recipe for suffering.

 For computer experts:

use Canarytokens to entrap the hackers.

Source? Www.stationx.net


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