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Online Fairy Tales: Dangerous...:


Martin Luther was a monk in Germany in the early 1500s.
He refuted one of the biggest scams of his time:


Phoney Festival Tickets for entry to Heaven.


This entails a warning for people now:
If the Church was the most authoritarian entity around and they abuse people with lies...

There are now thousands of corporate organisations claiming to have a say about what you want.


All with a hidden agenda.


Most entities want money.

Nothing more, nothing less.


But what has this to do with Online Fairy Tales?

Well, some of these cheating institutions tell lies to earn money.

Please note that I consider EVERY HUMAN BEING as an institute or small cooperation.


What are examples of these fairy tales?

A few :

"9-11 Is an Inside Job"

"US government buys 30.000 guillotines for Fema Concentration camps."

"99 % ( or more? ) of all Alien sightings".

" people are contacting the dead."


These are examples of what I believe to be the kinds of FALSE stories intended to earn money.

As an extra they confuse the naive amongst us.


Why are they false?

The sources of these subjects are known for their "Honesty".

Yes, thats sarcasm.

Well spotted.


Most of them: they cut, paste and lie or at best: Misinterpret.

With pictures, videos and information.


An Example: 





 The conclusion in the ^^^video^^^  is BULLSHIT.

Here is a picture of Flight 175:


It's like I said: they Copy, Paste and Fib or misinterpret.

This is going on with 99 % of the sites on these 4 subjects.

I have a Question for You:


In My opinion They are FULL of Shit!



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