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Frauds in Pentecostal Communities:



Faith Healing is a fraud most of the time.

This doesnt mean I think there is no such thing as Faith healing.

Most Pentecostal Communities are BAD users of these healing forces if they do at ALL.



It is a big word to tell us the body can redirect energy and recover in a flash.

These situations happen, and are rare.

Furthermore I am convinced most people in pentecostal communities cannot reproduce these situations correctly.

In my opinion Most of them are SCREW UPS.


But I can be wrong about SOME of them.,.

The hidden spiritual World is one of hidden knowledge which people keep hidden: so it might be possible.


Why is almost every faith healing in a revival tent a fraud?

Because there is mostly  a scam going on.

Please watch the entire episode of Darren Brown.

After watching,  You know how the scam works.


And You won't fall for it Anymore...

Please notice and trust me on it:

when a pentecostal miracle is true, everyone will know.


If you are  seeking Truth and are HONEST with yourself,


you will soon find out:
The whiter the clothes, the more expensive the suit, and the bigger the theater:



Seeing laser beams coming from the air burning stuff on Prohet Elijahs altars?


Its Islamic State pretending to be Christians.

2 thessalonians chapter 2



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