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Bullshit is Rampant:





There are a number of false teachings:


False Teachings are:

Ways of Teaching that learn people to ( with the egoic mind ) reject

Love, Right and Wrong.


 It is everywhere;


1) in New Age,


2) Religion,


3) Politics




4) Science.


( Meant here are Fanatic and false forms of  science, meant to defend something else as not falsified theories  ).

This is NOT Criticising the 4 directions itself.
Its about the wrong types of information of these four schools,.

This is leading to:


A) confusion,


B) arrogance,


C) god-complex.


D)  rigid thinking:

Or Thinking that leaves no brain-space for correctly executing respect.


These false Teachings are NOT :


1) understanding,


2) common sense,


3) openness,


4) tolerance,


5) and discerning between scientific Right and Wrong.


 The next 4 video's warn against these deceptions:



And then you have these guys...

The Fake Ass Pentecostal Christian Communities.




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