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I see every day in my life as a day off...


I'm mostly happy because it's my life and I make the decisions.

Every day, in my opinion, is a day off.

I recommend this mindset to you also...


This means:

Do not do anything that you do not like or need.

This is a VERY dirty word:


I'm not talking about "Not having a job Looking To Earn Income".

Well, do the things you need to maintain yourself and / or your family.

But not if you don't like it.


Don't think too deeply about things that make you happy.

Don't carry out difficult conversations if it is not necessary.

Just don't ignore Evil.

Do have a nice chill.


Don't you like your job?

See if you can find or learn something that you do like.

Make a plan for that.


Don't like your partner or others?
Talk to them or g
o away.

Don't you like yourself?

Accept yourself instead of hating yourself.


You've got your whole life off.

Working and frustration?

You do it to yourself

And it isn't necessary ...



This site has to many a "negative" and "disturbing" character.

This is not because the site is deliberately negative.

This is because the said should be said to all of us.
Our peace is already disturbed by Deception and Injustice ...


I just speak of the "Emperors New Clothes" when needed.


Dont like my site?
This is the Internet.
It's a Big place.

You don't need to stay hanging around here...

Want to know my version of events?
Bite through the sour to get to the sweet.

Uw bijdrage wordt gebruikt om de vertaalkwaliteit te verbeteren en kan anoniem aan gebruikers worden getoond

 Because there is a solution...