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Burglary and Security:




<< This is a keyboard key of which there are only  a thousand of possible combinations.

        But they are used way more often.

There are several methods of burglary.

I'll explain them to you and I will explain what You can do about it.



1) Creepin into the house:

A burglar creeps into Your house and is caught.

Then he says: Sorry, I am in the wrong house.


Antidote; Keep doors and windows locked.

Also the Transom Window above the Kitchen door must be closed.


2) Using a plastic card to open unlocked doors.


Antidote: lock everything.

 And also:  

Fishing a lock:  see picture.


Antidote: Put the deadbolt on it.



3) Pry open a door or window.



Lock the windows and the doors with special locks and bolts with keys on it.


4) Breaking the cilinder lock.



Use special recessed cilinders.


5) Keyboard keyfraud:

Some keyboard locks are in use in the neighborhood.

They have the same types of keys.

There are approximately  a thousand of these keys.

See picture for type and form of keys.


in your neighborhood there are way more locks with the same kind of keys.

You recognize this by the number of the key.

Antidote: Put a recessed cillinder lock in your personal garden door.




Those who can afford it: Secure your house with an alarm.


This saves a lot more bullshit and you can even go away safely.
Always make sure that someone babysits your home when on vacation or working.


Warnings for Social Media:
NEVER post on Social Media when you go to your job.  (Singles).
Never Post on Social Media when and how long you go on vacation.
Never Post on Social Media when you're away from home.
Burglars can read also, and within five minutes they are inside your home.
furthermore :
Are you going away?
Close all doors and windows when you are away.




    <<< This is fishing a Lock.

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