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The Trick called "Inside Man".
We Just walk out through the Front Door.

This trick does it very well against the arrival of Satan or Islamic State.

Lets make a Strong Hideout, shelter or Bunker where you can live for at least  50 years.

Put in a lot of food.

And Defend your shelter with many good weapons.


If they come looking for you, you will go into these shelters until the shit has passed us by.

You shoot them through a remote controlled weapon hidden in the wall and drag in every Jihad warrior who searches U in front of the door of your shelter

If the shit is over, you'll just walk out like Dalton Russel .

After all:

Evil will get tricked with this Sun Tzu-like trick.
By whom?
By millions of people who don't like Satan nor Isis.

The group of Darkness is getting smaller and smaller and Islamic State will have to flee to Jerusalem.
Lord Jesus  Christ meets them there.

Don't you believe in God but you DO believe the things I have told on this site?
Keep in mind that in Israel some surprises are waiting on the dark side.

Israel is a nuclear power.

Believe whatever you want to believe.
Just don't buy into the tricks of Islamic State.

If you are honest, understand and apply the teachings of Mark Passio, welcome in the Kingdom of Heaven.
If Not?
You will be protected by some people or you will fall into the hands of Islamic State.
Its up to You.

If you build a shelter? 
Hide when Islamic State takes over.

And you just walk out through the front
door ...


Scene: The Inside Man, movie about the Perfect Bankrobbery.