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Science is greek for : knowing.

To ignore Science is WRONG.

Its Theft of information.


Because you can Know!

So no more bullshit!

Lets get real 

Theory of Evolution explained:


Evolution is one of the most discussed theories in science.

It is also one of the most proven and testable facts in life.


I am sorry for fundamentalist Religion, but ALL Religion that rejects Evolution

 has their rejective vision of the theory of evolution all wrong...


To learn what the proofs of evolution are,  watch the videos below.


And google the "Smithsonian institute for human origins".

In spite of fundamentalist claims: creationism is WRONG!

THE word for God in hebrew,  the hebrew symbols have meanings, is " reality".

So whats reality?

Truth, which you can test.

This does NOT mean christ is False.

We just dont know that.

What it does mean is: there is a true and better way to live your life.

Freedom, justice, mercy.

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